How to repair tyre puncher in the easiest way available

A puncher tyre can get you into big trouble when you are traveling alone and no mechanic shops are neary.

It’s obvious that a nail, a small piece of glass, or any sharp object can get embedded in your tyres.

How many times would you call a mechanic to fix it? 

For such condition one must know how to repair a tyre puncher yourself. 

And repairing a puncture isn’t rocket science!

A Few easy steps can get your work done.

This “How to” guide will show you how you can repair a puncher on your own in the easiest way available.

So let’s get started.

Table of Contents

5 signs that signifies your tyre is punchered

How would you know if your tyre has been punched while driving?

This list of five indicators will assist you.

TPMS Indicator

A drastic reduce in tyre pressure is a sign of pucherlook, your car tyre pressure monitoring system It will alert you If your tyre pressure lowers down to 25%.

Lose control over car

A puncher tyre make your car feels wobbly, you lose your control, 

Driving gets harder

Your speed reduces,and making your  car run gets difficult. Your car swerves severely to the left or right.

Steering wheel starts shuddering

You can feel a shiver in your steering wheel. Your car begins to steer to the left or right, or it feels as if it is being pulled one way or the other.

Car noise 

A “thump thump”sound caused while tire rotation indicates a less pressured punchered tyre.

Easiest way available to repair your tyre puncher yourself 

There are some tools required to  repair our tyre puncher, and we now have these tools in one puncher repairing kit that is available online.

Repairing kits make your job easier. Every passionate driver should purchase this kit to ensure that they are prepared for any on-road emergency.


The easy way to find a puncher is through a soap water method.

Get a bottle filled with liquid soap and water. Inflate your tyre if it is flat

Then roll the tyre and spray the soap water along with it. The area which is punctured will start releasing bubbles.


Before that look for a nail or sharp object embedded in your tyres. If there are any, remove the object using a nose plier.

After that a Spiral Probe  from the kit and insert in the hole, rotate it clockwise.

Do it several times and enlarge the puncher hole.

          <<<<<< spiral probe image>>>>>>


Now Use the Split-eye Insertion tool, insert a Repair Strip from the pack into the eye (refer the below picture). To cover the hole properly, apply a small amount of Rubber cement Solution to the repair strip and insert it into the tyre.

Remove the insertion tool and ensure that the strip is properly fixed. Trim the excessive strip left over the tyre.


After the puncture is repaired then inflate your tyres. Once again check whether air is leaking or not. Use a TPMS to locate it.

Dangers of driving on a punctured tyre

A puncher tyre quickly becomes a blowout.

Driving with a punctured tyre is extremely dangerous because it can blow up and cause an accident. 

Since there is nothing holding the air in the tyre, it leaks out, resulting in a blowout.

Furthermore, when a tyre has less air pressure, the vehicle will pull to that side, and controlling the car will be difficult.

This is dangerous for both you and the other drivers on the road. 

Therefore, once you notice a puncture, leaking, or flat tyre, call a mechanic, or repair the puncher yourself.

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