Instant wash & Wax! 9+ best Waterless Car Wash Spray 2022

Waterless Wash and Wax  sprays: The magic spray bottle that cleans and details your car in just a few seconds.

When was the last time you had your car washed?

Might be 2 months ago, 5 months ago, or a year ago.

And that in an expensive automated car wash station, or by yourself carrying buckets of water, applying soap, and wiping it out, leaving a sloppy mess all over.

I mean why so much hustle for a simple car wash!

Why not try a waterless car wash instead?

It can do your car washing easy in no time and will give a good shine to your car in less water saving you on water bills.

It may sound silly, now but people have found that to be true.

A waterless car wash or dry car cleaner is an eco-friendly and efficient car wash method that uses little or no water. This type of car wash also goes by the name spray-on car wash or no water car wash.

The waterless car wash products can wash and wax your car in a few sprays. This wash can be carried out in a small space without making a mess and saves unexpected amounts of water.

In this post we have listed some best waterless car wash sprays, that will truly make your car clean and detailed (as a professional detailer) in less time.

The Best Waterless wash & Wax Sprays —Overview

  1. Ethos Pro Shine
  2. Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine
  3. Wash Wax ALL- Areo Cosmatis
  5.  Chemical Guys WAC_707 EcoSmart
  6. Meguiar’s D11501
  7. HydroSilex Ceramic Waterless Wash
  8. Torque Detail Ceramic Waterless Wash & Quick Detaile
  9. Adam’s Ceramic Waterless Wash spray
  10.  GO2 Waterless Car Wash

Our most recommended waterless wax sprays are listed below. When selecting a waterless spray, you’ll want to pay attention to the brand name, the ingredients, any eco-friendliness, etc. A waterless spray should not cause damage or scratching to your paint or leave marks on the glass of your windows; it should detail your car properly. also, the product you buy should be easy to use and cost-effective.

Don’t worry if that seems like a lot; we’ll go over everything in detail further in the guide.

In this brief guide, we’ll provide you with a brief snapshot of the top waterless car wash sprays. The list is not ranked in any particular order, but each is perfect for a specific niche or need.  No matter your vehicle or safety concerns, there should be something for you here.

Product Details review Price
Ethos Pro Shine jump to details 4.7 out of 5 Check Price
Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine jump to details 4.8 out of 5 check price
Wash Wax ALL- Areo Cosmatis jump to details 4.7 out of 5 check price
CARPRO ECH2O jump to details 4.7 out of 5 check price
Chemical Guys WAC_707 EcoSmart jump to details 4.6 out of 5 check price
Meguiar’s D11501 jump to details 4.8 out of 5 check price
HydroSilex Ceramic Waterless Wash jump to details 4.6 out of 5 check price
Torque Detail Ceramic Waterless Wash & Quick Detaile jump to details 4.4 out of 5 check price
Adam’s Ceramic Waterless Wash spray jump to details 4.4 out of 5 check price
GO2 Waterless Car Wash jump to details 4.3 out of 5 check price

In our reviews, you’ll find that the best wash spray usually have some excellent elements that make them stand out amongst all the rest of the competition.

In general, the best waterless car wash spray will have better Active cleaning agents, can give GLOSS AND SHINE look , fit for interior and exterior, and be easy to use.

They’ll also likely have some cool perks, like the good smell  & slick protection.  

We’ll go into extreme detail with each of our Wash spray reviews. You can find which of the types you think you’ll like best and jump straight to that review, or read through them all to find out their specifications, what kind of activity they’d be good for, or  what they lack.

With no further due , lets dive into the list of 9+ best waterless car wash sprays.

Our top 3 winners in this niche


Ethos Pro Shine – Ceramic Detail Spray

Ethos PRO Shine Waterless Detailer Spray is our most versatile spray detailer that can be used on any surface to achieve streak free, ultra slick results. It pairs with any type of coating adding ceramic infused protection, slickness and gloss on contact. 

Runner up

Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine

  • No Rinse Wash & Shine is the most technologically advanced car wash system that only requires 1-2 gallons of water to wash the entire car.
  • No Rinse does not require rinsing since there are no soapy surfactants to wash off

Amazon’s choice

Wash Wax ALL- Areo Cosmatis

Wash Wax ALL is a biodegradable, high-quality, aircraft-grade wet or waterless wash and wax in one product. Clean & protect your vehicle, with or without water, anytime, anywhere, with no restrictions

Best waterless car wash  Products -Detail Review

1)Ethos Pro Shine

Ethos Pro Shine – Ceramic Detail Spray| Spray Wax for Car Detailing | Quick Detail Car Wax | Waterless Car Cleaning & Hydrophobic Polymers | Clay Bar Lubricant | Sealant Safe Top Coat

After trying many detail sprays that have multiple uses (spray wax, quick detail, paint sealant, etc.) this is the one we have loved the most. 

We  recommend to use it after a wash and polish, but before applying wax.

This product is very safe on paint when it comes to not producing swirl marks and does not streak at all like many other similar products.

Most important it cleaned the paint without scratching left a slick shiny surface and didn’t streak. As an added bonus it smells great. I will continue to by this and all the other Ethos line of car care products that work excellent.

Removed light dust and fingerprints with ease and didn’t experience any smearing or streaking. Smells nice as well.







2)Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine

Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine – 32 oz. Bottle | Multi-Use Rinseless Car Wash | Waterless Wash for Any Vehicle Surface | Ultimate Rinseless Car Wash System | (NR2010Q)

This product has blown us away, beyond all expectations. It’s literally magic in a bottle. Easy to use, diluted for whatever you need, clay bar lube, wash, quick detailer…

This is the product that is highly recommend by professional detailer

The spray is great for removing bird lime, mud strains, fingertips, etc. from your paint. It can even be used inside your car, on dashboard door linings, etc.

Initially it appears to be expensive at $25 litre but when you look at the dilution ratios it lasts for years. It also provides an amazing shine and gloss to your paintwork. It’s great on glass as well.


✅ Does not require rinsing

✅ Greater lubricity while washing

✅ Get a brilliant shine

✅ safe for any vehicle surface

3)Wash Wax ALL- Areo Cosmatis

Ethos Pro Shine – Ceramic Detail Spray| Spray Wax for Car Detailing | Quick Detail Car Wax | Waterless Car Cleaning & Hydrophobic Polymers | Clay Bar Lubricant | Sealant Safe Top Coat

This isn’t “just” another car washing kit, it goes above and beyond. It is the most highly rated product on Amazon. If you are looking for something to clean your car’s surface and give it a more glossy look, go for Wash Wax All. 

Wash Wax ALL is a biodegradable, high-quality, aircraft-grade wet or waterless wash and wax in one product. 

It is easy to use. Simply spray it on and wipe it off with the microfiber towel provided..

Additionally, this works better than any other waxing method I have ever used on my car. It also waxes your windows. Water just slides off, and wipers work better.

Lastly, it smells really nice. It might seem silly, but I find it helps the whole process.


✅ high quality easy to use product

✅ Water Based – Alcohol & Ammonia Free.

✅ Human Friendly, NO eye or skin irritation

✅ Non-Stick UV Protective Coating


CARPRO ECH2O Waterless Wash, High Gloss Detail Spray, Rinse-less Wash, and Clay Lubricant Concentrate 500mL

ECH20 is phenominal! Even diluted 1:15 it can handle paint that hasn’t been washed in weeks. There are limits, of course (caked dirt/mud), but I am so impressed with CarPro in general. A light mist and wipe gets nearly all surface contaminants in one hit and leaves no scratches behind. Followed up by a second misting/wipe and then a buff with a finishing towel really gives a deep, flawless shine.






5)Chemical Guys WAC_707 EcoSmart

Chemical Guys WAC_707 EcoSmart Hyper Concentrated Waterless Car Wash and Wax (1 Gal)

We  cannot say enough about this product – it is absolutely fantastic and does a great job cleaning my cars. We are very finicky about detailing and can say this product has never scratched, swirled, or otherwise marred my paint.

EcoSmart Concentrate uses advanced waterless detailing technology that makes washing your vehicle quick and easy. Save time, save money, and save energy by switching to Chemical Guys EcoSmart Concentrate.

It is a complete waterless detailing system that cleans, shines, and protects any vehicle. It formulated using a unique eco-based natural carnauba to emulsify and lift dirt away from the surface.


✅ True waterless detail system in a bottle-wash, wax and seal in one easy way

✅ 100 percent scratch free and Eco safe


✅ Effortlessly and without water wash

6)Meguiar’s D11501

Meguiar’s D11501 Detailer Rinse Free Express Car Wash & Wax 3.79L Waterless Wash & Wax

Meguiar’s waterless car wash and wax are amazing! easy to use, it is diluted so that gallon will go a long way. it is simple to use, spray on, wait for a few, and wipe off. no buffing is needed. We would suggest a pressure pump sprayer to make it easy to apply.

Meguiar’s Detailer Rinse Free Express Wash & Wax is formulated to be used as an alternative to traditional washing on light to moderate Dirty vehicles. Can be applied with traditional trigger sprayers or low pressure tank sprayers. Clean and protects, without rinsing with water.


✅ Wash & wax all exterior vehicle surfaces without rinsing.

✅ High gloss, water beading durability

✅ Non-scratch, non-streak formula

✅ Quick and easy wipe off.

7)HydroSilex Ceramic Waterless Wash

HydroSilex Ceramic Waterless Wash (16oz) | Waterless Car Wash Spray for Car Detailing | No Hose or Soap Needed | Ultra Slick Lubricating Formula | Anti Scratch Quick Detailer | Rinseless Wash

This is a great product. Waxing a car does a good job of making a car shiny. But this Ceramic waterless wash makes your car look new and protects your expensive investment.

The Ceramic sheds dirty water and other things that can stick to your car making it dirty. This repels the dirt because the dirt has a hard time sticking to slicker surfaces.


✅ SIO2-Infused – Ceramic Formula

✅ Quick and easy way to wipe down your car without harming the paint

✅ Can be used on un-coated, waxed, or ceramic coated surfaces

✅ Leaves behind a gloss finish

8)Torque Detail Ceramic Waterless Wash & Quick Detaile

Torque Detail Ceramic Waterless Wash & Quick Detailer – Anti-Static Waterless Car Wash & Quick Detailer – Super High Gloss Formula, Enhances Shine of Top Coat Wax or Ceramic Coating (16oz)

Quickly wash, shine and protect your car anywhere, anytime with Turbo!

It’s a waterless car wash and quick detailer supercharged with ceramic.

Everytime you use it you’ll be enhancing the longevity of any wax or ceramic coating. Great for touch ups in between traditional car washing or as a waterless wash.

The anti-static feature is well loved by car owners because dust and dirt stays off due to antistatic properties in it’s formula! Use it on top of our Hybrid Wax Mirror Shine or our Ceramic Coating Spray for best results!

Turbo is similar to a waterless wash and wax with a focus on easy application and quick results.


✅True Nanotech Cleans Deep

✅ Your Car Stays Cleaner Longer

✅ Works On All Exterior Surfaces

✅Instant Shine

9)Adam’s Ceramic Waterless Wash spray

Adam’s Ceramic Waterless Wash (12oz) – Ceramic Coating Car Wash Cleaner Spray for Quick Car Detailing | Cleans, Shines & Protects Your Car, Boat, RV, Motorycle, Paint, Wheels, Mirrors & Glass

Adam’s Ceramic Boost 2.0 is a cutting-edge, new product that complements Adam’s New 9H Ceramic Coatings, adding an even slicker surface, more gloss, and prolongs the life of the ceramic coating. Ceramic Boost 2.0 can also be used by itself, offering several (3-6 months) of protection and shine in a quick and easy-to-use spray and wipe sealant that contains silica protection, similar to our Wash & Wax.

 It does not require a long set-up time – spray it evenly across the painted surface, use any Adam’s Premium Microfiber Towel to wipe it to a streak-free finish, much like how you would use Adam’s Detail Spray.






Bonus: GO2 Waterless Car Wash

GO2 Waterless Car Wash – 3 in 1 Graphene Ceramic Coating for Car – Hydrophobic Wash and Wax Spray – Cleans, Coats and Shines – Quick Detailer & Rinseless Sealant Protector – Ultimate Car Washing Kit

The Last Coat GO2 Waterless Wash is the first and only product of its kind that incorporates the power of both Graphene and our popular SiO2 ceramic technology into a singular application that helps not only clean surfaces but also makes them glossy, hydrophobic, and slick

It is a 3-in-1 waterless wash that cleans, coats, and shines any vehicle surface with a web of Graphene and SiO2 ceramic actives.

Safe to use on all surfaces including paint, glass, chrome, wheels, trim, and more.






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